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Jergens Workholding Solutions Group Introduces New 5-Axis Quick Change Workholding System


Cleveland, OH – May 6, 2011- Jergens, Inc., the world leader in quick change fixturing, introduces a new workholding system that dramatically reduces costly set up times on 3+2 multi-axis and 5-axis machines. The Fixture Pro® 5-Axis Quick Change System permits multi-sided access to pallet-mounted workpieces and provides locating accuracy to help manufacturers increase productivity and maximize the capability of their 5-axis machines. Jergens offers modular system components in a variety of sizes and styles from inventory, with short turnaround on custom sizes for special applications.


To allow unrestricted access to various part faces, this modular quick change system features a variety of off-the-shelf riser sizes and styles to raise your part off the table. “With 3+2 multi-axis and 5-axis machining becoming more and more common, we knew our customers would need a workholding system that maximizes these machines’ travel capabilities,” said Bob Rubenstahl, Jergens Workholding Solutions Group Manager. “Jergens’ modular Fixture Pro® system allows fixture builders to raise the part off the table, rigidly clamp it in place, and rapidly change it out.”


By raising the part off the table, the Fixture Pro® system allows the cutting tool unobstructed access to faces, surfaces and areas, so programmers can plot efficient tool paths that maximize the machine’s capabilities. The system also uses a variety of clamping elements specially designed so that jaws and other vise components provide rigid clamping forces without obstructing access to the part. All components of the Fixture Pro® system have been designed with center location and timing pins that allow for incredibly accurate and repeatable part orientation, which eliminates the need to re-indicate.


Jergens has also integrated quick change elements that allow users to change out parts, and even complete set ups, within seconds. By adding pull studs into the bottom of a fixture or vise, users can drop it into the system’s unique quick change pallet. Then, with a few turns of a screw, the pallet accurately locates and clamps the vise or other workholding element. For quick change capabilities at the subplate level, the entire Fixture Pro® set up can be mounted to a subplate configured with either the Ball Lock® System or the QLS (Quick Locating System) grid, enabling the complete set up to be quickly put on or taken off a machine.


Jergens’ modular Fixture Pro® 5-Axis Quick Change System can be mounted to any machine or rotary table, is ideal for integration with the Ball Lock® Quick Change System, and includes a variety of subplates, center locating pins, timing pins, QLS bolts, risers, top plates, mini pallets, and clamps. All components are available from inventory, and Jergens offers short turnaround on custom sizes for special applications. For more information call 1-877-426-2504 or visit for a downloadable brochure.


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